Core principles

Cadence’s guiding principles, by which we manage our business, include 1) protection and preservation of capital, and 2) commitment to our tenants, investors, and employees.  Our success is built upon a foundation of operating with integrity, investment creativity and long-term relationships.


Integrity is clearly the paramount foundation of our business. The strength and integrity of our leadership is reflected through the highest standard of business practices and in delivering the best possible value to our clients and institutional partners.


Creativity is a deliberate strategy of our opportunistic investments. We are an industry innovator who leverages our competitive advantages of size, relationships and experience to do what we do best – own and operate net leased retail with creditworthy tenants located at “main-and-main”.


Relationships are sustained by delivering on these core principles.  We have deep and proven relationships with a broad network of tenants, developers, lenders and owners.  These relationships generate significant annual deal flow and facilitate a valuable flow of information to invest in quality assets.

Net Leased Retail