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Investors looking to diversify their portfolios while contributing to stable, long-term income and asset growth have a number of options. Stocks, bonds and cash equivalents are the most common investment choices. Real estate may be considered an essential asset class. Incorporating commercial real estate into an investment portfolio has the potential to diversify, reduce risk and enhance returns, while also providing both income and capital appreciation.

Cadence Investor Relations provides effective communication between Cadence and our clients. We seek to fully understand our client’s goals and objectives to provide investment strategies designed to meet those objectives.

If you would like more information about Cadence and our investment strategies please contact Investor Relations.

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If you should have any questions regarding client correspondence, account information, fund information and performance, or due diligence inquiries please contact Investor Relations. Cadence utilizes a secure web-based platform to organize, archive, and access fund and account documents. If you are an existing Cadence client, access your information by clicking Login.

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